Thursday, October 25, 2007

Simply Living

Whenever anyone moves into a new home it is always amazing how much 'stuff' we have accumulated over the years, and most of it unnecessary clutter. As we begin to pack up our belongings we also begin to purge our unnecessary extravagances, and rid ourselves of this mess, in order to begin afresh.

This can also apply to our inner lives. At times it is necessary to de-clutter our souls and find out what has been beneficial to us and what has caused undo problems. In order to de-clutter our souls we also must purge ourselves of the 'things' that have drawn us away from God.

God should never be an after-thought He should be our entire thought, does obeying God's Will come first or our own comforts? Until we understand and grasp this important point we will not be able to de-clutter our souls from the spiritual debris we have accumulated over the years.

To live simplified lives does not mean we must live in poverty or become long-faced humourless people. It simply means defining what will bring you closer to understanding God's Will and then implementing it in your daily lives. Much of our clutter lay in our inability to see what brings us true happiness and what is false happiness. Authentic happiness can only happen when we accept both adversity and joy with equality.

In order to properly de-clutter our inner lives we must ask ourselves who we are trying to impress, ourselves, our friends or God? Unlike us, God is not interested in the opinion of others, He is interested in you alone, are you as interested in God?

The word patience is the key to our happiness. Prayer takes time after all, what relationship would last if one partner was totally silent while the other is left to talk to themselves? God does not refuse to listen to us in so much as we refuse to listen to Him. If we only pray for what we want as if it were a shopping list for God to fulfill, then a soul is in relationship with its own ego.

In our race to acquire the best, we enter into a vicious cycle for who defines what is best? Who are the dictators of consumerism, the product or yourselves?

To be in a relationship with God we need to incorporate a prayerful attitude in all our activities, whether it be in the workplace or at home.

In the end God longs for you....who do you long for?