Sunday, October 21, 2007

Search Me

You’re my best friend yet I don’t treat You that way,
Sometimes I ignore You all through the day.
You don’t ask for much, just some time spent with You,
And to trust You in everything that I do.
But I don’t always talk to You throughout my day,
Sometimes I get stubborn and try things my way.
I sometimes act like I really don’t care,
I turn away even though You are there.
I feel so ashamed, I don’t deserve You,
Yet You stay beside me helping me through.
I want You to know that I love You so much,
I need Your forgiveness and Your gentle touch.
I need Your strength to help get me through
And I ask that You help me stay focused on You.
Search me and send selfish thoughts from my mind,
Then open my eyes so it's You that I find.
Remind me each day that it’s You that I need
That no matter the trial You’ll always lead.
Don’t let me dwell on the pain and the strife,
Fill me with your joy all the days of my life.
So when hard times hit I will be prepared,
I’ll just trust in You and I will not be scared.
Oh Father forgive me for the way I hurt You,
For acting unkind and for being untrue.
Thank You dear Lord for being my light, 
Even though I messed up You made things right.
That’s why I am here Lord, You got me through,
Your compassion and mercy brought me to you.
So search me and cleanse me then use me for You,

Cause I long to serve You in all that I do.