Monday, May 21, 2007

Angels Guarding Us

There have been many topics discussed on various blogs but I rarely read about our Angelic friends and guardians. So I would like to share some of the experiences I have had and also seen.

Eileens Angel

At my former Parish we had a very elderly lady who was the Sacristan, she had been doing this particular job for well over 25 years. Her name was Eileen and she must've been about 80 years old.

I can remember being terrified for her because after Mass I would see this dear soul, cross the road without stopping to look. It was a very busy road, but Eileen would simply step right out, yet she NEVER got hit by any car. But Marie being Marie I was so worried that oneday her luck would run out, so after becoming her assistant Sacristan I took it upon myself to walk with her across the busy road.

Then oneday Eileen just took off by herself, I saw her near the curb and yelled for her to wait and she did so. When I got there I told her how dangerous it was to cross such a busy road without looking both ways. Eileen gave me a gentle smile and said this to me, 'Why Marie dont you see my friend here?' Then she pointed to her side, I saw NOONE. Eileen went on to say that whenever she had to cross the road her friend always took her hand and helped her, she then added he is such a gentleman. Eileen then told me that she really didnt need my help as this kind young man always helped her just when she needed it.

I took Eileens advice though I would watch her carefully, and she always walked straight onto the road without looking but THIS time I did note she was talking to someone......a someone who I couldnt see. I am sure Eileen was helped by her Guardian Angel.


My own personal experience with an Angel.

As usual I woke up late one morning and only had a short time to get ready for work. I rushed around, showering, got dressed into my uniform and then I saw my safety shoes. I decided NOT to wear the safety shoes as they hurt my feet, I put on my sneakers instead. As I was rushing about I could 'hear an internal voice' telling me to put on my safety shoes, I ignored it.

Finally I rushed out the door with only minutes to make it to work on time. As soon as I stepped out of the door I heard a 'voice within me' YELL, 'MARIE PUT YOUR SAFETY SHOES ON NOW!...Oh I was SO annoyed but I did run back inside and put on my uncomfortable safety shoes. You may think, so what? I will tell you why.

Only a few hours later a small group of my fellow workers & I were waiting around for a LARGE pallett of cheese. Finally it arrived and the fork lift driver lowered the pallett of cheese....right on my FOOT!
It was so painful that I could not speak but I did go red in the face and pointed to my foot, immediately my surpervisor yelled at the guy on the forklift to PICK up the cheese pallet as he had lowered it onto my foot. In order for the forklift to pick it up it presses DOWN onto my foot. I felt the skin underneath my toes split with the pressure of it.

After this event I was taken to the sick bay where the safety officer looked at my feet there were NO broken bones just some sore toes, nothing that a few bandaids couldnt fix.

If I had NOT listened to that 'little voice' I am sure my foot would have become so crushed that I doubt it would have healed. My right foot might have needed amputation. Thank God for my Angel!


Our Travelling Angel

When we were children my parents would visit our cousins who lived in a country town, it was about an 8 hour drive. In order to get to them we had to drive via the hills which at times were pretty steep.

On this particular trip our Uncle accompanied us, about 2 hours into the long drive around some of the steepest hills my father suddenly pulled over. More astonishingly the driver who was behind us also pulled over. Ahead lay a very sharp bend which was also a blind spot. Suddenly no sooner had we pulled over than a car turned around the blind bend and sped past us so fast that we didnt even have a chance to see what colour it was.

We were stunned because if we had continued we would most definately been involed in an accident. My Uncle turned to my father and asked him why he had stopped. Then Dad turned and asked who of us had told him to pull over? We replied NONE of us. My dad insisted he heard a voice telling him to pull over, we ALL said we heard nothing. Meanwhile the man behind us who had also stopped was very shaken he came to our car and said he didnt know why but when Dad had pulled over he had a sudden urge to pull over as well.

Once again there were many lives saved that day. Thankyou Dad's Angel.