Monday, May 7, 2007

Paris Hilton Etc-Musings from a Grumpy Ole Woman

Last week I celebrated my birthday I am now closer to 50 than I am to 40, which makes me a Grumpy Ole Woman. I am woman hear me GRUMP!

*Warning this is a Politically Incorrect Post*

First Grump

Paris Hilton, can anyone tell me what she is famous for? Did I blink and miss her acceptance speech at the Nobel Peace Awards? Come to that has she won any awards? Is she an actor? No! Is she a singer? No! Is she a humanitarian? No! Why is this girl famous?

Now poor Paris is being sent to prison because she drove while under the influence. Did she take responsibility for her actions? No! It's the fault of her publicist. So Paris Hilton lets her P/A do her thinking for her, This I can believe. Paris Hilton needs to count her blessings because if stupidity were a crime, she'd be doing a LIFE sentence!

America is not alone in the vacuous 'I have no real job celebrity'. There is Britian's Jordan who is famous for her, well endowed medically enhanced piece of anatomy. Jordan's most famous line is 'bing it on....whatever..bring it on'..Bring what on exactly? An intelligence test perhaps? As for the term 'Whatever' What IS that supposed to mean exactly? 'Whatever' huh?

Second Grump

Celebrities, why do we need them? There are celebrity Mummies and celebrity Daddies.

Celebrity mummies like Angelina Jolie who are making a career out of adopting babies from all parts of the world in order to give them a more secure life. Angelina Jolie? Am I missing something here? Is she not a self confessed Bi-sexual woman who is into self mutilation, who thinks nothing of breaking up a marriage and is on non speakies with her own parents? And this woman is being perceived as great mummy material?

Another 'yummy mummy' Madonna who seems to have caught 'I have to adopt a baby to raise my profile' disease. This woman is also seen as 'good mother material'? Again what am I missing? Madona is the same woman who thinks nothing of blaspheming the Catholic Church? Who is also bisexual and belongs to some kind of religious cult, Kabbalah? What exactly IS Kabbalah? Sounds more like a european sausage one buys from a Deli!

Once again we have the British version of celebrity parenting, the Osbourne Family. Sharon Osbourne who's every second word begins with 'F and ends with 'K' followed by her husband with the same vocabulary. One parent is a self confessed bulimic and the other chews up living BATS for goodness sake! One child has been through rehab(has she reached 20 yet?) while the son is out climbing mountains and eating revolting critters in order to 'prove himself'.

Then we have celebrity daddies who ALL seem to be on meltdown. Alec Baldwin who phones his daughter so he can scream and rant at her. Is this his version of good manners? And now David Hasselhoff who decided it would be a good idea for his teenage daughter to film him while drunk.

Whatever happened to the 'good ole days' of Father Knows Best? And the 'Brady Bunch'....'where life is beautiful all the time and I'll be happy to see you... those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me away ha-haaa, hee-hee, whoo whoo, haa-haa!