Saturday, May 26, 2007

Movie and Word meme- Ginny style LOL

In no particular order:

1. The Sound of Music

2. Steel Magnolias

3. Gone with the Wind

4. Shrek 1, 2 &3

5. Lord of the Rings ( I’m a convert fan LOL)

6. Yours, Mines and Ours ( the original one that show was funny )

7. The Passion

8. Titanic

9. Life as a House

10. Silence of the lambs

And I must mention>>>Finding Nemo ( the turtle and Dory in that movie jus crack me up LOL)

Now for the 21 words that describe me, (I added in a couple extra not that anyone is counting LOL)

Reflective, trustworthy, contemplative

Feminine, shy, patient

Patient, attentive, clumsy

Stubborn, friendly, sympathetic

Nostalgic, quirky, protective

Silly, affectionate, modest

Caring, passionate, romantic

Unique, dependent, loving

Selfless, supportive, observant

Generous, appreciative, thoughtful

Sensitive, respectful, introspective

Sentimental, witty, devoted

Talkative, kind, forgetful

Creative, loyal, dedicated