Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TV-Children Friendly? Or Monster In The Home

Over at Dymphna's Well, the topic is the Media and its affect on children within the home. I am glad to see someone tackling this problem as many parents do not realise that the TV has now become a monster in the home.

The main thing that concerns me is by allowing children to watch violent or promiscious TV programs we are desensitizing them and numbing them to accept violence and graphic sex scenes as 'normal'.

I know that many parents allow their children to watch MTV a disgraceful channel full of foul language and lewd behaviour. And even 'nice' programs such as The Simpsons needs a re-think, mainly because the only 'Christian' in the TV show is portrayed as a well meaning idiot, while the parents are simply idiotic and stupid. Only smart mouth Bart is smart.

I commend 4HisChurch in bringing up this important issue and hope that many will visit her blog and join in on the commentary both here and at Dymphnas Well.

Yours in Christ,