Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rosie VS Elisabeth-My View

I dont know about the rest of you but I am FED up with the inane rantings of one, Rosie O'Donnell. Now I dont mind a person who expresses a different view point than my own, hence I do listen to Joy Behar, who can be witty if at times outrageous. But there is a BIG difference with having an opinion and being a down right bully. Rosie is a BULLY! Not because she is 'gay', or because she is well rounded, what a person looks like doesnt worry me, but I DO care about bullying!

For months now Elisabeth Hasselbeck has had to tolerate the viscious attacks vented on her by her 'friend' Rosie O'Donnell. The REAL reason for these attacks was made clear today by Rosies own words and it has ZERO to do with the war on Iraq. To put it in a nutshell, Rosie O'Donnel is jealous of Elisabeth.

"Here’s how it gets spun in the media: Rosie – big, fat, lesbian loud Rosie -- attacks innocent, pure Christian Elisabeth." In this sentence lay the REAL reason why Rosie cannot stand Elisabeth, because Elisabeth represents how many people envision 'the perfect couple'. Elisabeth is everything that Rosie is NOT and that is not Elisabeth's fault.

I also will not let Barbara Walters off the hook, what on earth was that woman thinking??? It beggars belief! Did she not get the memo that when Rosie had her own show it was cancelled, mainly because of her outrageous and weird views on every topic imaginable. This is a woman who hates her own country and makes it obvious! But I have sat and watched Barbara simper up to Rosie over the past few weeks, why? Guilty concience Barbara?

Lets look at some of Rosie's outlandish comments, that Christians are as dangerous as Islamofacists, why? Because the Catholic Church and other denominations refuse to accept Gay marriages? I havent seen any Christians take over planes and drive them into Muslim buildings, killing their innocent citizens!

Rosie accused Elisabeth of 'double speak' now let us look at this...Rosie tells the audience that 650,000 innocent Iraqi's have been killed, and to paraphrase her, 'isn't that an act of terror'? Who is Rosie referring too, tourists? Christians? Housewives? Let me think what Americans are in Iraq? Oh yea U.S soldiers. But Rosie didn't SAY American soldiers, NO! Because she is too cowardly instead she insinuates it then smirks at her own 'cleverness'. Where does this woman get her stats from

On another episode Rosie was pulled over the coals by Kelly Ripa who had the courage to phone into the show and NOT allow Rosie to get away with yet another outrageous insinuation that Kelly was a 'homophobic'. Rosie was left with egg on her face and it showed!

Then we had the edifying event where Rosie hosted the Women in The Media event. Here there is noone else to blame except Rosie and her crude sense of humour where she points to her anatomy and makes an indecent suggestion to Donald Trump!

Rosie O'Donnell doesnt need any enemies she IS her own worst enemy. A woman who hates her own country who makes outrageous claims that 'the American Government was behind the attacks on September 11th'? Huh? Didnt Rosie also say that President Bush was 'stupid', yet he is smart enough to not only fool the American people but the entire world. Get a GRIP Rosie!

I was proud of the way Elisabeth Hasselbeck handled herself today, she stood her ground and didnt have to scream like a fish wife to do so, she left that to Rosie.

Time to go Rosie BUH BYE! And not a moment too soon for many of us!