Sunday, May 6, 2007

Call God

We live in the mobile phone crazed era. Cell phones are like organs. They go everywhere with us and our endearment with them is so strong that we are often lost without them. What’s the first thing we do when we are happy, sad, depressed, lonely, disheartened or simply tired? We whip out that cell phone and call someone on our “list” and vent. We do this countless times a week, sometimes countless times a day. What would we do without our phones? Panic…. Cold sweat… die….. It’s like automatic for us to reach out for that phone whenever something happens. We rely on the person at the other end, trust them, ask for help, pour out our hearts and souls, we have some sort of trust and relationship with them.

So then why not reach out and call God? I mean we don’t need a phone, don’t have to pay anything to make that call, don’t have to upgrade to a newer model, our calls wont be dropped and we are not going to get a bill at the end of the month. There is never a busy tone, never get “all circuits are busy try again later”, never get put on hold, never out of range, never get disconnected and we don’t have to be embarrassed if we have an old model.

Can’t we think of prayer as a ‘call’, a conversation with God? I use the word “conversation” because there comes a time when we have to “shut up” and listen! Don’t we trust God? Most of us think that prayer is simply a ‘check in with God’, in the morning, sometimes in the evening, once a week, on Sunday’s, when we want something or when we are in trouble. Luke 18 teaches us to pray continuously. So to better define prayer, it is a constant conversation with God, a connection with Him.

We are so busy calling everyone else that we forget and neglect our most important connection, God, we forget to call God. But remember this, if the line is disconnected, you are the one who cut off the service but it costs you nothing to reconnect it. And if you are somehow ‘out of range’, remember it’s you that has moved but all you have to do is move closer to get your service bars up!