Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where Were You When I Needed You

Where were You when I needed You,
And why are You so far away,
I could have used a helping hand,
On the day I went astray.

It is said that You are everywhere,
And know our slightest thought,
So why is it that I can't see You,
And why am I so distraught?

I find that life's a problem,
And I think I might give up trying,
To understand what life's about,
Maybe I'll try my hand at dying.

His Reply:

I was there the moment you needed me,
And am never far away,
You never asked for a helping hand,
And by your own choice, you went astray.

Tis true that I am everywhere,
And know your slightest thought,
You close your eyes to all My love,
'Tis why you become so distraught.

You make your life a problem,
By your feeble way of trying,
To understand what life's about,
Without asking for my help...
you'll feel that you are dying.

Be not so hard upon yourself,
I'm always there when needed,
Be a friend to someone else,
And you won't feel defeated.

Now come and be My helping hand,
And show someone else the way,
You will find your life anew,
And I will see you through your roughest day.