Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chastity Ring Banned From School

A young girl from England has been fighting for the right to wear a chastity ring, though I applaud her courage it does concern me that she may be bullied for her stance against loose morals.

It does seem to be a case of unfair discrimination in that it is only a ring, not a banner. Is the school authorities Anti-Christian by opposing this young girl from wearing the ring? Is it a case of different policies for different relgions? At the same school Muslim and Sikh students are allowed to wear their headscarfes and religious bracelets as an expression of their belief system.

Surely if they have banned Lydia from wearing her chastity ring then why have they not taken this stance across the board and banned all Faiths from wearing religious items?

I admire Lydia's courageous stand in taking on the authorities for discrimination but I am also concerned for her wellbeing. What if she is bullied by other students for wearing the ring? Again, what if young boy's see the ring as some type of macho challenge or competition to see if Lydia can hold true to her faith?

I would like to know what both mothers and fathers think of Lydia's bravery? And would you allow your daughter to do the same thing?

I see this as yet another attempt by the secular minority to impose their views on Christianity and Christians. It is an attack on our Faith and should we tolerate it?

Lydia seems to be a young girl of immense strength of character I pray that she will be victorious.