Friday, August 10, 2007

Why I Love Jesus Meme

Therese over at Aussie Coffee Shop has tagged us to do 'the five reasons why you love Jesus'.

1. He died for me, for my sins so that I could enter heaven, eternal paradise. No greater gift has anyone EVER given to me.

2. I dont have to do anything for Him to love me. He loves me as I am, where I am because He is LOVE.

3. He has never turned His back on me when I feel as though all the world has and never will. When it seems cold and lonely, I know all I have to do is run into the warmth, tenderness and compassion of His Holy and Loving presence.

4. As unworthy as I am He has blessed me so much, my life is not perfect but I know how VERY blessed I am.

5. He always gives me what I need in His Divine timing. There are many things that I want but I know that what is to be will be in His timing. The 'not yet' and the 'no' answers to my prayers are helping me to become the person I need to become, its a growing process, very painful at times but the end result He knows and I just have to keep on keeping on.