Friday, August 24, 2007

Little Johnny

Mrs Smith sat at the kitchen table thinking what else she could do to help her son Johnny. Johnny had been having problems with his school work particularly math. His parent's had moved him from school to school and nothing seemed to be working.A friend of the family suggested they send Johnny to St Mary's Academy. Little Johnny was enrolled at St Mary's Academy. After his first day Johnny came straight home told his mom good afternoon and headed straight for his room to do his homework and study. He came down for dinner and as soon as he was finished he went straight back to his room to continue his studies.This went on for one month. Johnny brought home his report card and handed it to his mom and headed straight to his room to continue with his studies. Mrs Smith opened up the report and to her amazement Johnny had gotten straight A's and an A+ in math. She just had to find out what was different about this school. She went up to little Johnny's room and there he was at his desk doing his work.

"Johnny I am so very proud of you son.I have noticed how hard you have been working,every evening going straight to your room to study and I want to know what is different about this school."

Johnny looked up at her "Well mom, the first day I reached I was taken down this hall and there at the end was this huge plus sign with a guy nailed onto it.That's when I knew these nuns were not kidding around!!!!!!"