Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Daily Prayer

Oh help me, Lord, to grow each day
In such an even, balanced way
That a rich glory may shine through
Each word and deed I do for you.
Give me a love that reaches others
Never minding race and colors.
Grant me patience to be kind
To each living thing I find.

Help me, Lord, to understand
And reach out a ready hand.
As I strive to be well-groomed,
May my SOUL be also pruned.
Cut the branches that won't bear.
Make my countenance more fair.
Speak through me to those in need
Use me, Lord, their souls to feed.

Dear Lord, when I press my Will,
With new wine, my spirit fill.
Help me not to go astray
But ever to Thy bosom stay.
Use my lips and use my mind
All of me that You can find.
Use me to show forth Your glory,
Ever speaking forth the story.

Just USE me, Father, is my prayer
As I daily breathe earth's air.
May we soon commune again.