Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heresy At The Door-The New Age

There is a great longing within each soul to become more than what it is. A void exists within each of us as we yearn for some meaning to our existance.

The problem begins when many embrace a spiritual alchemy of different spiritualities which promise everything but deliver nothing. But, what lies beneath this longing for a spiritual elixir? Could it be that many long to be in control rather than cede power to a higher source, with that higher Source being God, The Triune Spirit? When we do this are we not saying to God, 'I am my own power, the source of my own wisdom? The Truth's of the Catholic Church no longer hold sway over these 'spirituality shoppers', as they seek to mix different kinds of mysticism such as Reiki, Enneagrams and other New Age beliefs, to suit themselves.

When we long for different doctrines we have fallen out of love with God and in love with the satanic illusion of making our lives better or more meaningful by embracing a lie over the Truth.

The word that is missing in all this spiritual alchemy is religion. Those who embrace this form of superficial spirituality deny that we need an 'organized religion' as if religion had become a dirty word or that it has dictatorial overtones. Yet, though Reiki is not seen as 'religious' it seeks to offer spiritual healing, exactly what spirit is being called forth to bring about this 'healing'? A feeling of fuzzy wuzzy warmth is no healing at all, but an illusion.

This constant need for anything 'new' or 'exciting' not only indicates spiritual immaturity it indicates a falling away of the faithful and denial of the Truths of the Church that they profess to believe during the Liturgy. How can one profess the Apostles Creed when they have placed their faith in New Age lies? For who is the father of lies?

It is also shows spiritual laziness, where many people prefer to treat our Catholic faith as if it were a recipe which needs new ingredients to liven it up! For instance with Reiki one becomes an instant master, but a master of what exactly, trickery? Where is God in trickery? And by proclaiming oneself a master are you not negating The Master, our Lord Jesus Christ?

The New Age is merely gnosticism dressed up in old rags, but in our dissolute age many have had their senses dimmed as they long for a quick fix to heal their jaded souls. At the heart of this is sheer laziness, a narcisstic love of self and an absorbtion with it's own importance. The concept of New Age is to make the self the centre of the universe and to negate a sense of sin. The idea being that if sin no longer exists then we have no need of God.

All of these spiritual alchemies have the element of the occult within them, therefore they will also deny the existence of the Devil. By rationalising sin and evil as mere expressions of our 'woundedness', they fail to explain what and whom is the source of evil? If evil can only be overcome through man's own 'power' does this not lead to an endless hopelessness as evil perpetuates itself with no end in sight. For if there is no source of evil then there is also no source of goodness.

We have within the heart of the Catholic Church a deep and integral Mysticism that goes directly to the heart of God Himself. Through the Saints and Mystics of our Church they have shed light on a path that will bring us closer to God and allow God to transform us into living Christ's if we give the Triune Spirit our own fiat. We also have the Sacraments which also unites us with God through the Sacrament of Penance and the Receiving of the Eucharist.

There can be NO marriage between the Catholic Church and New Age 'spiritualities' which deny the Revelatory Salvation found only through Jesus Christ, for to deny this Truth is to deny Christ Himself. Once again Scripture warns us, 'Everyone who acknowledges me before others I will acknowledge before my heavenly Father. But whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father.'

When you drink from the devils brew, whatever disguise it may be, you imbibe spiritual poison.

In the end do we sing praises to God or dance with the Devil if the tune sounds right? Or can many no longer tell the difference?