Sunday, April 13, 2008

It Only Takes A Spark

It seems that all we see in the news and in our world is bad news, nothing positive. I want to talk about some positive things. There are so many issues affecting us now, violence, indiscipline, greed and a general hardening of the human heart while we run this rat race called life. In a few hours of simply opening my eyes I saw some things that made me realize that tiny fires can burn bright and dispel a lot of darkness.

Sometimes I can let myself get caught up in the bitter stream of things happening around me and can get callous. These are the times when I forget the infinite strength that can be drawn from the look in someone’s eyes when some kindness is shown to them, when someone stops to show that they care, when someone just notices you.

I was blessed to see fathers with their children, carrying them in their arms and interacting with them. In times where so many gadgets and gismos are available for carrying around babies especially, it was heartwarming to see fathers with babes in arms. It was so nice to see children interacting comfortably with their fathers and to see how delighted they were to have their children with them. It was sort of reassuring that there still are some men who not only take responsibility for their offspring but who also take an active part in their lives.

Youth have been given such a bad name that when you see things like this happen you realize that the future is in good hands. I saw this group of young people coming out of the mall and they held the door open for an old lady and a pregnant woman. Another didn’t do anything but considering the lack of manners that has infected so many of them, politeness has to be recognized and commended. I was behind this young guy and girl and they waited in line, were very distinct in saying please and thank you and left the clerk of the bakery with a “have a pleasant evening.” Yup, we do have some pleasant children out there.

An elderly vagrant is sitting on the street corner, hands outstretched. Many people walk by some give a quick glance but most ignore him, he is invisible. A young, stylish couple walks out of an eatery carrying dinner. They pass the vagrant and the young man turns around and gives the box he is carrying, soft drink and all to the vagrant and heads back into the eatery.

For just a couple of hours of really opening my eyes I have seen much. I wonder if any of these tiny flames, these little fires are aware of how much they gave to me, gave to the world when they committed these acts. They brought joy to those who needed it and were responsible human beings. They gave me hope and inspired me.

These things remind us and make us more aware that this beautiful world that our loving God brought us into is indeed a wonderful world. Every little act counts. So open up your eyes and look at the little things that people do and get some hope and inspiration and go out do the same. Open your eyes to the people around you, all it may take is something as simple as a smile to turn someone’s day and life around.