Friday, April 18, 2008


The world cannot give the peace that Christ speaks of, and no amount of worldly accruements can give us this peace which we all seek in the inner most recesses of our heart.

Noone has the power to force others to love one another. Love is not overbearing nor does it try and control that which is beyond its capacities, for a person cannot enforce its own will upon another.

How do we attain this peace in a hectic and violent world? It can only be gained through a spirit of detachment, in that we focus all our attention on what is pleasing to God, rather than what is pleasing to us. Detachment does not mean spiritual coldness nor the clinical asceticism so favoured by a few who misunderstand the fiery torrent of God's Divine Love. A soul that has detached itself from all worldly needs is a soul that is truly free to love as we were designed too, not in a spirit of self seeking but to serve others

We learn through the actions of Jesus that in order to gain His Peace we need to detach from a longing to please man and learn to please God. It is when we detach ourselves from emotionalism that we gain true peace of heart which is not held hostage to the tyranny of memory, nor at the mercy of emotions which remain entrapped in negativism or a need for worldly approval.

The Word of God teaches us that though we may speak the Truth if it is delivered from a spirit of harshness then no matter the truth it will be rejected by a person that has already suffered much. It is also a timely reminder that we in and of ourselves cannot create our own peace nor share this 'false peace' with others.

The soul that has gained this great treasure, the Peace of Christ can only dwell and live its meaning in the soul that loves for Loves sake.

Written by Marie