Friday, April 4, 2008

Spiritism And the Occult

There is a misunderstanding abounding in many Catholic/Christian communities lately on what people think 'spirituality' means. Spirituality and spiritism are two very different things as many flock to see those 'soothsayers' who claim they can speak with the dead. They either become glued to their TV sets to watch little more than occultism or some misguided and grieving relatives seek relief by trying to contact their dead relatives.

Spiritism has now become a major market as more and more shows promote this means of communication and people pay money to these fraudulent practitioners of the occult. This conveys a fundamental lack of trust in God within the Christian, for when our loved ones pass from this world they then receive their Just reward from God and pass on to eternal Glory either by purification in purgatory or into the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are only a few occurrences when due to God's Love and compassion for His people He has allowed the Saints to warn and protect particular souls. It is a well known fact that the young Joan d'Arc had Heavenly visitations from St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret and St. Michael the Archangel. It is also recorded That St. Maria Goretti appeared to her assailant, Alessandro Serenelli when he was imprisoned for her murder. The difference with these miraculous events were indeed just that, Miracles where no 'channeler' or 'soothsayer' was necessary.

To seek out these soothsayers, fortune tellers and other occult practices is to place your own soul in danger and to invite the demonic agents of Satan into your own soul and home. There can be no greater joy to Satan than to know that God's own children doubt His Goodness and His Word.

We must be wary of those who say they are the recipient of Divine visits, or that God is speaking through them, either by voice or by controlling their handwriting. It is prudent to wait upon the judgment of the Catholic Church in regards to miraculous visions and Divine messages.

There are only two forces in this world one is the Source of Goodness and the centre of Divine Love which is the Triune Spirit. The other force is of the satanic realm and his hordes of demons. There is no 'go-between' for the living and the dead to communicate with each other, so when one seeks out these para-normal experiences they are dealing with the demonic who masquerade as their loved ones. We must keep in mind in order to win a soul over, Satan will tell one truth to fool the trusting soul as he and his demons tell a thousand lies.

God's Salvation of His beloved children was paid in full by the Salvific death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior...God's Promises come free of charge, can we say the same of the soothsayers?

Written by Marie