Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Past.... Present....Future

It’s inevitable that prices will change with time, the bigger issue is the ability of consumers to keep up. We all know that the price of everything is affected with the cost of fuel however the rise in prices in most items is not proportional. It annoys me to pay five dollars more for something, but I forget about it in a few minutes. I lead a somewhat simplistic life, I have my spending vices, but I know that $100 just can’t do what it used to do. I really wonder how families, especially families where money was tight before, are making out now.

It’s no wonder why there are so many angry people out there, everything is about staying afloat. How do you make that $500 dollars last until you get paid? Food, clothing, shelter, fuel, bills and this does not include the occasional indulgence; people are living a nightmare to survive. Worrying about making ends meet must be so stressful, feeling defeated, inadequate, a failure. Then we have those who are living in some sort of bubble it seems living so outside their means. They say they are suffering, many really are but you cannot compare you not being able to buy the most expensive pair of shoes or outfit to those who cannot meet their basic needs. Keeping up with the Jones Syndrome as I call it but he who dies with the most toys is still dead.

There are so many people working, trying to make their lives and their families just a little bit better but the limitations that are being placed on them, the bar just keeps rising and rising, seeming somewhat impossible. I’m talking about those who did not inherit money, did not sell their values or rape the land and will not swindle their fellow man to get rich. These are the ones that are being affected most. I am not talking about not sacrificing and saving for a rainy day, but when Governments and the “experts” tell us to live without this or that, how can you tell a man who works hard to provide for his family, abides by the law etc not to take his family to see an occasional movie or take them for a simple treat like ice cream??

So what are we to do? One of the biggest problems worldwide is that agriculture is devalued. It is more cost effective to take land that is suited for agriculture and use it for namely housing. Penny wise they say, take land, cheap land and build houses, hotels, industries on it and sell them for exorbitant amounts of money. It’s more like pound foolish, you cannot eat money. And the biggest solution is population control, try to make a law as to how many children a couple should have and make Abortion and Euthanasia legal. Kill the unwanted.

The experts say substitute one food for another but the substitute is just as expensive or costs more. They thought that genetic engineering would have solved the food problem because it should have been able to produce a lot of cheap food, but that is not the case. We surely can’t eat or drink technology. With the rise in prices, we have so many things to consider when making purchases today the one up I can see is that it is forcing people to think about what really makes them happy. Does the bigger home, the bigger car, the extra car, the priciest brands in food, clothing, appliances etc etc, does having these things make me happy?

It is said that the present is the past in disguise, so if the price of bread once caused so much change ( The French Revolution), what future is hiding behind our present?