Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is The Church a Democracy?

The Catholic Church has never been a democracy, not in the past, not in the present and not in the future. In fact the Church does not change to suit the times in this 'anything goes' generation. Most of the acrimony comes from a failed understanding of this essential fact, some may not agree with everything the Church does, but that does not give anyone free license to dissent nor question the Churches authority.

Catholic Church doctrine and Dogma's are not to be disputed; they are to be accepted with filial obedience to the Vicar of Christ and the Magisterium, anyone who does other than this would have to consider themselves above the Church. This can also be a problem within the Church as some Priests and Religious embrace a spirit of liberalism and try to introduce a 'new doctrine' to the Catholic Church. They do this by trying to make Jesus seem as if he is no different from all of us, they emphasise Jesus humanity and either disregard or totally ignore Jesus Divine Nature. In their efforts to make the Church and Jesus more relevant they have in affect made both `seem' irrelevant, for why worship a `man' who is `just like us'?

The modernistic trend in the Church cannot be solely and entirely blamed on our Priests or Religious, it is also to be shared with equal responsibility with the laity. We cannot complain about bad liturgical practices, if we maintain our silence in the presence of the Priests who espouse this `new(false)Doctrine'.

The true enemy of the Church is apathy and timidity of soul, when in fear of repercussions or a loss of popularity the laity maintain their silence, thereby giving the Priest its sanction to do as he wishes.

In matters of Liturgical correctness, whether it be in Latin or in the required language of the persons country ie; Norvus Ordo is not based on a `perfect language' but on a `perfect intent', that seeks to give all Honour, Praise, Glory to the Trinitarian God, through Worship and thanksgiving and receiving of The Eucharist & through the Sacraments of the Church. To suggest that the only valid Mass is the Latin Mass is faulty in that it disregards the Popes authority to proclaim what is True and acceptable in forms of Worship. For if language is the source of the problems encountered by many Latin Mass observers, then should the Mass not be said in Aramaic, as was spoken by Jesus and the Apostles?

In defense of the Norvus Ordo Mass, while many dispute its validity they are in essence being disobedient to the very Church they proclaim to obey. There has not been one Pope who has negated the Norvus Ordo Mass therefore those who do proclaim it as illegitimate must understand the implications of such faulty thinking. If the Norvus Ordo Mass is considered illegimate then all those who have received the Sacraments of the Church must be considered null and void including the Sacrament of Baptism and Marriage. What are the repercussions of this? That those Baptized are really not Catholic? Or that those who have been married are not legally married? This is why it is essential that we proclaim what the Catholic Teaches, rather than what we 'think' it should teach.

We need to truly recognise the `signs of the times' and then with prayer, speak the Truth irrespective of the cost to oneself, for what comes first, self preservation or Salvation?
Written by Marie