Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How are you?

Every Day I am asked "How are You?" My response is always, "Fine, thank you " But what I would really like to say is, "Yes ... I am O.K. "

I Have My Sight ... although not perfect, I can still see the glorious sunsets, the antics of a puppy, the smile of a child, and the most important ... I can see if there are any bugs in my food..

I Have My Hearing ... even though impaired I can hear the music that takes the wrinkles out of my day. I can hear others tell me they love me! And every morning I can hear the snap, crackle, pop ... even if it isn't the cereal.

I Have My sense Of Smell ... although marred with allergies I could tell if the house is on fire, or the baby needs changing. Oh and isn't it heavenly to smell that first cup of coffee in the morning ?

I Still Have My Sense Of Taste ... I can tell when something has gone bad or sour, even though I have to wonder about my own cooking sometimes. LOL

I Still Have My sense Of Touch ... even though some people say I am really touched ... The joy of touching another, loving another, petting your cat, makes you feel you are not alone...

I am O.K. you see.
I can walk, even though I may stumble --
I can talk, sometimes without stopping --
I can laugh, even when nothing is funny --
and I can cry, anytime I want to.....
In fact, I think I am better than just Okay!

How about you ?