Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Humility has nothing to do with thinking lowly of ourselves that is low self esteem. To continually put oneself down has nothing to do with humility and everything to do with a focus on self in an attitude of negativity.

Sincere humility is when we acknowledge that we are nothing in and of ourselves. For we are not the source of goodness, yet we can do good works, we are not the source of hope, yet we live lives full of hope, we are also not the source of love, yet we love and long to be loved. It is God who is the Source of Love and all Good things.

In understanding humility we must realise that humility does not have its source in God, for God is the Creator of all things both seen and unseen. We learn humility when we glimpse the Divine Work of the Triune Spirit and understand that it is not God who needs to be humbled before us, but that we are humbled before such Majesty and such a Love.

Humility begins when we stand in Awe and Wonder at such a God. A God who would send His Beloved Son to die in our place.

Humility understands that if we try and hold onto our talents and Gifts as if we were the origin of them then we have priced ourselves higher than God. It is a good thing to remember that nothing is ever ours, that our Gifts were meant to be shared with one another, freely.

All that is good proceeds from the Triune Spirit. It is the indwelling Spirit that lights the inner sanctum of our souls which then illuminates our being and leads us to understand that nothing good can proceed from us till we have humbled ourselves before God. Until we realise that we have much to be humble about, then our spiritual life will remain a constant struggle with our own ego.

A childlike spirit does not mean we must behave childishly but it does mean that we must put all our trust in God's Goodness. Not for what He can give us, but because God is not like man therefore He will never desert His children not even when we are unfaithful to Him. This is a tremendous Love that has been bestowed upon could any not be humbled by such a Love?

The knowledge that we cannot return God's Love in equal measure should humble us all, for who is man that God thinks of him?