Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Helping To Stop Abortion

It is very easy for many of us to simply say women should not abort their unborn children and the fathers of these babies should not comply in this murder of the innocents.

Yet in many circumstances especially with our youth who are easily overwhelmed with the consequences of their actions. Abortion is offered to these confused teenagers as a feasible option to what is an emotional storm going on within their psyche.

Abortion is not the answer to their situation, but how can we help those who are struggling with this issue in a common sense and practical manner? The answer lay within a new Religious Order which began 15 years ago who have called themselves The Sisters Of Life. These Sisters are relevant and wear their Habits with humility and exuberance as they help women and men make the right choices in their lives which is to choose to have their babies rather than feel overwhelmed and coerced by the feminist movement to abort their unborn child.

We also must do our part and not become complacent. Let us pray for these Nuns who have chosen this particular Vocation and also offer our assistance both monetarily and in a volunteer capacity.

If you wish to learn more about the Order of the Sister Of Life, CLICK HERE.