Thursday, June 21, 2007

Women- What’s wrong with some of us?

Open up any woman’s magazine, and you’ll see advertisements that unabashedly appeal to self-entitlement. Everything from hand soap to resort vacations is peddled with tag lines such as, “Take time for yourself,” “You deserve it,” and “It’s all about you.” Don't get me wrong, we all need a little pampering but let's face it, alot of women are selfish and are only looking out for themselves.

I see far too much of that as I look around today's world. Modern women demand all the privileges traditionally afforded us during years of the past, but also want the new freedoms of a “liberated” era. When women were placed on a pedestal they were also protected, cherished, and honored. Doors were held for them and rough language was restrained in their presence as befitted their delicate sensibilities. We don't seem to understand that those privileges were granted in recognition of a woman's special role in society.

I think the women's lib movement got it all wrong. They are making women into miniature cardboard cutouts of men instead of freeing women to be ourselves. Unfortunately, this would include letting us make choices that include staying home with our children, or even subliminating what we want at times to the needs of our loved ones, because that is what women do. It would include giving women permission to be...women, in all the variations from tomboys who never wear makeup to girly-girls who don't feel dressed without fake eyelashes, dangly earrings, and nails. There is a harshness, a stridency that grates on the nerves. They want to have their cake and eat it too!

Feminism starts in the mind. Many women feel 'ugly', so they don't even try to be feminine. Other women have been ridiculed for trying to be feminine and are afraid of being labeled. The motivation to dress and act feminine for a woman should radiate from a heart that loves God and wants to please God. If we only live right because some religion told us to, then we will be miserable. A woman should dress modestly to please God.

We were all created to PLEASE GOD. Most people strive only to please themselves. A feminine woman is a blessing to all around her especially her husband. A woman doesn't have to be ‘thin’ to be feminine, weight, height, skin and eye colour have nothing to with femininity. Femininity is a state of mind more than anything else. A feminine woman doesn't mind a man holding the door open for her, she welcomes it. A feminine woman doesn't even try to lift something bulky or heavy, she asks a strong man to lift it. A feminine woman makes a man feel like a real man because she requires his masculinity, strength, and courage. A feminist on the other hand doesn't need anything from a man, she has the mental disposition of a man already. She is a mental homosexual at a minimum. She thinks like a man. This is why so many women wear men's clothing and business suits.

Why is it so hard for women to embrace the role and purpose given to us by God? Why is femininity looked down upon? Why is the woman with a soft and gentle spirit seen as a weak subservient? Mention the word children and they break out in hives. There is a big difference between being a woman and being feminine.

Let’s dig deeper and see what we can come up with.