Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pell slams "stalinist" parliamentary contempt probe

It is high time that the Catholic Church takes a risk and actually stands by its beliefs. There are enough 'cafeteria catholics' in this world to fill a country. We dont need our Clergy to follow 'govermental lines' when the government of the day is proposing legislature that is against the Commandments of God.

Cardinal Pell has been taking a strong stand against Embryonic stem cell research since it was first proposed, he also takes the same stance towards Pro-Choice abortion and activist homosexuals. It is right to refuse a woman The Eucharist when she is unapologetic about her abortion & refuses to Confess such a sin. It is equally right to refuse politicians who vote FOR Abortions to receive The Eucharist, any other stance makes the Church appear hypocritical.

It is time that our Priests, Bishops and Cardinals refuse to give Communion to those who particpate and also legislate for Pro-Abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

The Catholic Church should not be timid when dealing with such integral issues as abortion, the propogation of embryonic stem cell research and activist homosexuals but instead stand firm against the tide, even if it means they may stand alone.

Below is a piece about Cardinal Pell, and the attempts by certain politicians and elements of the press who are trying to intimidate this great man of the Church into silence. I hope and pray that the Cardinal will stand firm against laws which are an abomination to God.


"Reacting to a Greens-initiated investigation by the NSW parliamentary privileges committee into his comments on stem cell cloning, Sydney Cardinal George Pell has described the inquiry as a "clumsy attempt" to curb free speech with a "whiff of stalinism". To read further CLICK HERE.