Saturday, June 9, 2007

Why Is It?-Musings from a Grumpy Ole Woman

Why is it, that men must have the remote controls? Is it one ofthose 'mysteries' of life LOL!

Why is it, that men will watch a movie starring Pamela Anderson, for abilities (yea right). And yet movies which star meryl streep or bette davis are 'chick flicks' LOL!

Why is it, that a woman can describe another woman as beautiful, but men will not comment about other mens handsomeness or hunk-ability LOL!

Why is it, that when men repeat themselves they are 'stressing their point' while if a woman does the same thing, its called 'nagging' LOL!

Why is it, that men can complain about having to shave their face, excuse meee!!! All I can say is 'thank God' men dont have to wear bikini's LOL!

Why is it if a woman is in a 'mood' she is having a PMS day, while if a man is in a mood he's called 'opinionated' LOL!

Why is it that if a man approaches a cross section, while driving, it then becomes a 'race to beat the lights', while a woman is called a 'typical woman driver' LOL!

Why is it, I sometimes speak before I think> my father and I were once atthe grocery store, he was at the assorted nuts aisle, so I said loud enough for dad to hear (& yea 20 other ppl) "dad will you hurry and stop messing around with your nuts" ROFL!!

Why is it, when I am looking for the thingymajig, doolackie and watchamacallit, I KNOW what I am talking about LOL!

Why is it, that men get excited over cars(zzzz) electric drills(zzzz)and other electrical gadgets(zzzzz)LOL!

Can anyone tell me why is it so? LOL