Thursday, June 14, 2007

Men: the Primary Victims of Pornography

Aimee over at Historical Christian has done an excellent piece, Men: the Primary Victims of Pornography.

" I submit that men are not only victimized by pornography, but that they are the primary victims of pornography. Men are the targeted audience for pornography. If you’re a man reading this, your must realize that pornography is aimed at you, at your mind, your soul, and your pocketbook – to the tune of billions of dollars a year.

There seems to be an underlying assumption that because men enjoy pornography, then it’s not really bad for them. It’s taken for granted that men are just doing what comes naturally, what they’re hardwired for, being the visual, testosterone-driven creatures that they are.

A man hooked on pornography not only becomes a slave of hell himself, he becomes a pimp for hell, feeding the demand for men, women and children to be used in porn, and victimizing them directly when, driven by porn, he acts on his porn-fed fantasies. And then everyone, men, women, children, and society, is victimized by porn."

Do stop by and read the entire piece. BRAVO Aimee!!!