Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pre-marital Sex

We are all concerned with the physical environment, oil spills, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer etc. Yet how may of us are concerned with Spiritual Pollution??? Low Morals??? Is not disrespect for our bodies, Spiritual Pollution??? Premarital sex is dangerous because it robs your Spirituality!

Most of us would become very annoyed if we were called a thief or a liar. If we are accused of premarital sex, we say, "We're not hurting anyone." or "We're taking precautions. So its O.K." Well, neither your parents, teachers or priests can be with you at all times and at all places. But they trust you. Even so, Our Lord is with you at all times... at all places.. and loves you. Remember it is GOD THAT YOU ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE TO.

It is a mistake to think like this: If we engage in premarital sex and don't contract a disease or we don't become pregnant, then it’s OK. As far as sex is concerned the physical and the emotional are most closely linked. How many have said, "I only did it because I loved him." or "If I didn't do it, he wouldn't see me anymore." We must understand that there is a physical and emotional aspect to life. The difference between boys and girls as far as sex is concerned is this, a boy wants to have Sex and then ... get to know you. A girl wants to know a boy first and then perhaps have sex.

A physical relationship is a privileged aspect of love. We are all aware of its importance. It is part of God’s plan to bless the union of man and woman (Genesis 1:2). It is a very special part of the relationship in which the spouses give themselves joyfully to one another and through which they may have a child.

We often hear that having sexual relations before marriage is a way of "getting to know each other better." This is a misconception! Very often, sex takes away from real affection and deep communication. Body language ends up replacing dialogue. Moreover, the sexual harmony of a couple depends on the quality of their love for one another, and not on how they get along physically.

The world today trivializes sexual relations as if they were merely a physical act. We need to understand that a sexual act involves the whole person. Civil law, for instance, considers rape to be not only a physical attack, but an attack against human dignity and against the integrity of the person. Indeed, a man and a woman become deeply involved when they unite in a sexual act.

To give one’s body is to give one’s self. That means something! And a gift is not a loan. If what we live is at odds with our deepest choices, then we are not living in the truth. Is it right to give my body when I have not given myself? The truth is that a physical union can only have true meaning if it reflects a personal gift of oneself, a gift that is lasting and definite. This gift is marriage.

Even if it does not conform to today’s fashion, we can make the decision to remain chaste, to keep ourselves whole for the one whom we will marry one day. Don't rob your spirit of the graces and the blessings that our Lord bestows upon us. Sins against chastity are against the spirit and the soul. This is the truly dangerous aspect, not only of premarital sex, but of all the actions that we take. Chastity is synonymous with a love that wants to give itself totally and respectfully to the other. It is a decision that we can make at whatever stage we are at in our lives. If we have had sexual relations in the past, this should not prevent us from making that choice. Chastity is a road to freedom.

Let us remember to pray each day and ask Our Lord and His Mother to strengthen us against ALL temptation.