Saturday, June 2, 2007

Princess Diana-Dying for Ratings

I am totally appalled at a British TV channel which is going to show a program of the late Princess Diana, which shows her dying in the back seat of her car.

How is this going to help anyone? If it is being done to try and excuse the abysmal behaviour of the Paparazzi they can save their breath there is NO saving those who pursue celebrities sometimes to their death.

We well know that not only was Diana the 'Peoples Princess' she was also the 'Press Princess' and many in that medium made a lot of money from the late Princess. But to now try and prophet from her death is disgusting.

If the program airs on Australia TV I will personally boycott the program as well as notifying the particular channel of my displeasure and disgust. I just hope that the British public will do the same.

Princess Diana may have lived her life on the front pages of many papers but please at least let her death have some form of dignity....I do not need to see this tragic woman dying in the back seat of her car. Enough is enough!