Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bishop Refuses Rudy Giulani Invite

The U.S elections are just around the corner and I have to admit that I find it difficult to believe that many Catholics vote for Pro-Choice candidates. I asked this question on another blog; What is more important to Catholic Americans to vote for a politician who promises to lower taxes even IF he is Pro-Choice? Or to vote for a politician with a definate Pro-life stance even if he increases taxes?

In Australia we dont have a choice voting is compulsory if you dont vote you will be fined. At the last election rather than vote for a Pro-Choice candidate I cast a 'dummy vote', I could not sleep at night if I voted for a Pro-Choice candidate this also includes politicians who support embryonic stem cell research.

When it comes to voting what motivates the Catholic populace, their conscience or their wallets? This question is directed to ALL countries.

Here is the LINK to what Bishop Tobin replied when he refused an invite to attend a dinner given by Rudy Giulani. Please CLICK HERE.