Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Have Learnt...

I have defend my beliefs but to then let go and leave things to God.

I have learnt..that God is not colour blind. He created us to be diverse and beautiful in His Eyes.

I have learnt..that real friendship seeks not to control another but to allow all to be themselves.

I have learnt..that the love you have for God is measured by the love you have for others.

I have learnt..that life is Gift and what we do with that Gift defines our character.

I have learnt..that faith grows through adversity and only God's Love can Heal the broken hearted.

I have learnt..that when we fail to love, we fail to live.

I have learnt..the only failure in life is choosing not to love each other despite our failings and frailties.

I have learnt..that life is beautiful. We have only one chance, therefore love foolishly without counting the cost.

I have learnt..that life is fleeting, therefore live it well.

I have learnt.. that God seeks to see His beloved Son's reflection in our souls. What is your soul reflecting?