Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Armchair Soldiers-Revisionist Historians

I am getting really tired of arm chair soldiers, who write large tomes describing Allied soldiers as 'war criminals'.

Let us get things straight. War is evil, it is a dreadful thing to wage war on another nation in order to rule it by force. It is an evil thing to bomb cities and other area's without warning them. It is also a great evil to invade other Nations by bombing them in massive bombing raids, including countries deemed 'neutral', such as Holland.

All these evil actions were done by the German Government of 1939, against innocent populace. They didnt waste time worrying about the 'feelings' of the oppressed. The National Socialists also paid little heed to their own 'Peace Pacts' which they had signed with another Nation. If other countries were foolish enough to trust the German Chancellor of the time, well more fool them! In order to honour an agreement you have to possess that quality, Adolf Hitler was not an 'honourable man', lest historions forget!

America during these tumultuous years were not at war with any other Nation. War was thrust upon them when another Empire decided that they also wanted a slice of the global cake which Germany was bingeing on and bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941, without warning. We must also remember that America did NOT declar war on Germany. Germany declared war on America!

War is brutal, it is unforgiving and it is waged unto death. There is nothing 'pretty' about war. Innocent people die, others are tortured and once the dogs of war are loosed there are NO winners! Bombs rain down on the oppressors and the oppressed in equal measure.

Can anyone not imagine the blood drenched beaches of Normandy with the slaughter of British and America's youth being spent in the sea and think that is victory? Can we look at the carnage of the Kokoda trail and the bloody warfare waged there and think there is victory? Can we say after the death of millions of people in death camps, that there was a victory? The Nazi mass murder machine was stopped but is the loss of over 6 million Jewish people and millions more from various countries called a victory?

Is it realistic to say that the British and American soldiers who were freed from Japanese concentration camps, starved almost unto death, tortured, beaten and brutalised, were victors? Were the women prisoners who had been raped for years by Japanese soldiers victorious upon their release from such a hell?

Is it a victory when upon defeating the Nazi German 'War Machine' half of Europe was given to yet another evil despot, Stalin?

British, American, Australian and European Mothers and Fathers wept for their dead sons. Can holding a flag take the place of their beloved sons?

Do not correct the soldiers who fought a war which was thrust upon them. Also do not condemn those who sacrificed their lives in a war they did not wage, lest their death be in vain.

War is war who on earth though it fair?

And in the end is it correct to write about such events when the 'arm chair soldiers' were NOT involved, did NOT fight and did NOT suffer?