Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Best Gifts Come in Small Packages

There is an immediate and slight disappointment in finding that the package with our name marked on it is the smallest gift under the Christmas tree. A huge box has much more instant gratification, for it in comparison to the others it makes a person very significant-and we all want to be openly cherished and valued.

Then, the quote soars to mind that "The best things come in small packages," and we feel relief because our gift might be the winning lottery ticket or a diamond wedding ring.

Jesus came small, tender, and vulnerable. To the outside world His birth seems insignificant against the hullabaloo of colored lights, pine smells, and sonorous carolers. But for us who believe, we find the God of the universe packed in swaddling clothes. As we slowly unwrap Him, we find the initial gift of salvation expanding before our eyes as our faith growths, until He consumes our whole existence. Suddenly the babe is a man, then the Lord of our life, and finally the coming King.