Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas With Love

I know it´s late but better late than never.

May your home be filled with the love,
And wonderful peace of Jesus,
Our Lord and Savior, King of Kings,
Lord of Lords Who's with us.

Yes He is the Miracle Babe,
Born in a manger that one night,
While the love of God shone Above,
And the angels sang to invite.

May your heart be filled with a love,
And great longing to see Jesus,
For He came for us, you and me,
And always we'll be His to bless.

Oh love Him and revere His Birth,
He's your Love and your Life all 'round,
And He'll hold you like no other,
His wonderful peace keeps you sound.

May your spirit be filled with love,
Worship Jesus on each day now,
Let the joy of His love be full,
As in His Presence you will bow.

Merry Christmas with love in Him,
His wonderful peace will alight,
When your home is filled with Jesus,
Just as His love that star filled night.

I wish you all a Season filled with joy and happiness..
May those you love be filled with the joy of this special day.
May Jesus and His Mother Mary glow within your hearts.
May we never feel compromised about what this season truly
means to us all who celebrate the Birth of Our Savior
and may we never forget the "reason for the season."
How sad that so many people have to hesitate to say
"Merry Christmas" without offending any who have this
insane power to change the meaning of the very word
"Christmas" ~ A time of special meaning for millions of
people around the world. So many things have changed
through the years and now such a rampant display of
words are offered so not to offend the "mighty few" who
have the power to change the very heart of what Christmas is.
It is the birth of a Child who brought Light to our world.
Be joyful in your expressions of what you have been taught to
share. May your Holidays throughout the year be filled with
the same love and kindness that you should experience on your
very special Holidays. Be joyful in your ability to be able to
express words that you wish to express and do not allow anyone
(however small minded) to change the joy that you feel.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my friends. I thank you for the support you have given me through the year and wish you a day of happiness... each and every day of the year.

God Bless Us Everyone!

Love Always,