Monday, December 17, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI-A Makeover?

Pope Benedict XVI grew up in an era, where two tyrannical regimes ruled the world, National Socialism and Communism. This would have given the young Joseph an inside view of how great power can corrupt those who lust after it.

It afforded him the ability to observe what happens when God is taken out of the equation and what fear can do to the individual soul when confronted with evil. This has given our Pope a unique perspective and a forewarning of what can happen when God is ignored or substituted with other ideologies.

The then Cardinal Ratzinger (from when he became prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) took a deliberate position of protecting that which is inviolate, the Authority of The Catholic Church and the Infallibility of The Pope.

Cardinal Ratzinger often came across as a very authoritarian figure, strict and disciplined. But who exactly is our Pope?

It is wrong to try and 'manage' Pope Benedict XVI in order for him to be more appealing to the masses. This is our Pope he is not a movie star who needs a better 'image' nor is he a politician in need of a spin doctor.

We need to accept Pope Benedict XVI for his own personal qualities and Gifts he brings to the Church and the faithful.

It is wrong to try and turn Pope Benedict XVI into a carbon copy image of our late great Pope John Paul II. Both men have impacted the Catholic Church with a positive and yet approachable leadership.

Pope Benedict should be accepted, respected and loved for himself and the position he holds as the Vicar of Christ. He is a man of great intellect and yet remains humble in spirit. He is a strong man who knows when to discipline those who try and teach a different gospel, yet he also extends the hand of friendship to those who have wandered from The Church.

Unlike the image that the press have portrayed, Pope Benedict XVI has an impish sense of humor, and a very humble and self effacing opinion of his own qualities and gifts.

Let us accept our Holy Father as he is and give to him our filial love and respect.

This beautiful servant of Christ has served The Catholic Church all his life.

Pope Benedict XVI has no need of an image maker and I hope I can speak for the Catholic blog sphere and say with all our heart.

Thankyou Holy Father, soldier of Christ for your service to the Church and to the Faithful. We respect you. We admire you. We love you.