Friday, December 7, 2007

Ginny Meets Santa

This happened to me a couple years ago, still really cracks me up when I remember it.

My family is having a huge family reunion for my uncles 50th birthday in December,weekend of the 4& 5th. Anyhow my aunt and I go shopping to come up with ideas for the decorations.So we go to the mall, our malls here are almost completely decorated for Christmas so we are taking our time walking through the mall observing their decorations etc etc......we make a little detour from our primary intention which was to go shopping for decorations.....see a sign on a shoe store 50% off everything...too good to be true....this mall just happened to be the most expensive one we have here so I mean when you see 50% off its like gotta see what they have to we go into the store.....nice latin music is playing so I'm moving with the music (yes imagine that I can dance, I may be a klutz but I glide on the dance floor, pretty good if I may so myself)I have been taking latin dancing classes for 2 months now, family organised it seeing that we are having the big reunion and well lets face it some of them just dont know how to dance its a great way to spend time together. Class is always a blast, loads of fun but watching each other make mistakes is a time we were practicing a basic routine we had made up and we all knew it or so the teacher believed,well he is calling out the timing and what steps to do and which direction we have to move....well man you should have seen us....if we were supposed to be spinning and turning to the right half the class was turning to the right, some to the left and some doing some sort of moves that left the teacher speechless . Anyhow when one dances one usually would think hey you wear shoes to dance......but ah this is Ginny we are talking about....I dance bare feet.....teacher was like you are going to have a lot of trouble dancing bare feet....well I showed him not only can I do all the steps but I could do the advanced spins and stuff bare feet...go Ginny go Ginny .Back to the shopping, so Ginny is dancing and looking for shoes cause I think its about time I dance with shoes on......(had to get smooth bottom shoes cause its easier to move and you dont stick to the ground like when you wear shoes with traction....first rule of dancing 101) The owner of the store is a Brazillian guy, I did not notice that he was watching me dancing, I mean I know I was dancing but not dancing to attract attention to myself, anyhows he comes over to me and is speakng to me in moms is Venezuelean and I do look on the latina he notices all this and assumes I speak spanish...I do speak some but thats not the point.....he is like "aye senorita muy bonita, ira bailamos"......translation "hey pretty lady, shall we dance"... well you can just imagine the shock and how I was blushing on my he takes my hand....tooooo shocked to do anything like tell him NO.... so we salsa to the music till the end of the song and people are staring at us dancing to my horror.....after he applauds me and is like you dance very must be an experienced dancer .......I was like errrr if you say so .......after all this my main intent was to hurry up and get out of the aunt was sooooooo amuzed by all this.....bugger could have told me he was coming so I could have made a quick exit.......... So its back to our mission. We go into this Christmas decoration store and she is more into detail than I am so I finish browsing before her............ my attention is on the huge Santa Claus that is waving at the entrance of the store....this thing is huge like about 8 feet tall and is waving his arms all over the place......I go over to it to get a closer look......fair enough I'm slurping my slurpy and watching Christmas trees now.........hearing music coming from this tree so I'm really interested now, a musical Christmas tree interesting........I continue watching the tree and the sales girl comes over to where I am noticing how interested I am amuzed by this tree. She is like its a singing Christmas I'm like REALLY....... she gets called away so I'm still watching the tree...its not far from where I was standing next to Santa........I am watching the tree when it happens.......................the tree has a huge mouth and eyes within the tree....(well forgive me for not knowing that such things existed)I dont know how to paint a clear picture....... but just like that the tree's eyes and mouth opens and yells out HELLO MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!.......well Ginny is utterly scared out of her skin .....I mean a musical Christmas tree is one thing but this tree has eyes and a mouth within the tree and is speaking........well my slurpy went flying up into the air.....luckily it did not have much left in it...well the tree's mouth speaks a couple more things then disappears back into the tree....and this is supposed the tree they recommend to parents with kids........hellloooooooooo this tree is scary....... remember Ginny is standing close to the huge moving Santa........well Ginny moves BACK AWAY from the tree and is under Santa's hand.......well take a wild guess as to what happens next.......yup you got it........ Santa's hand starts moving again and well "WHAP" Ginny gets smacked on the head........I mean I thought Santa was supposed to be a good guy......his hands were moving like he was conducting an orchestra or something so it was like hands open "WHAP" I turn with the first WHAP , a turn that says who just did that,and then hands close "WHAP" again......well at first I was wondering who is smacking me on my head....older sis is not around so its not her......none of my friends are here so it cant be them.............RITE its SANTA. Well my aunt laughed and laughed, I laughed and I dont know what it is but life with me is such an adventure.....never know what is going to happen to Ginny next ........Stay tuned for "What Will Happen To Ginny Next"