Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Saint Joseph A Man Among Men

The Scriptures don’t reveal much about Joseph, but the little that is shown is very telling. For it lets us know, immediately that not only was Joseph a good and kind man, he was also obedient to God. Joseph never questioned the Angel that directed the path which he should take in order to protect the life of both Mary and Jesus.

The kind heart of Joseph is revealed when he recognised that Mary was with child, in full knowledge that he was not the father. Joseph bore no ill feelings towards Mary, though hurt and confused he must have been. So when he made the decision to quietly let Mary go, he did so to once again protect Mary from the authorities.

Of course we know the Angel appeared to Joseph and unlike Zechariah, Joseph did not question the Angels Divine intent, but simply trusted that this was Truth and took Mary as his espoused wife. Joseph truly is the shining example of a man who trusted God, and in whom God Himself placed much trust in. God recognised Joseph’s humility and entrusted the protection and upbringing of His Beloved Son.

Joseph was not merely a representation of a father figure; he was in the true sense a most noble father to his son Jesus. Protective of Jesus, teaching him the Faith, instructing him on life issues and the vagaries of nature. Showing a filial and most Holy and Chaste love for his wife, Mary. All these things Joseph taught the young Jesus as any father would do.

Joseph was a man who kept his own counsel and gained his strength through prayer. It was hard living in those days of heat, dust, insects and a multitude of discomforts, all of these conditions Joseph would have worked under, yet not once did he ever complain.

This was a man after God's own Heart, Joseph is the most perfect example of humble obedience and a guide to all fathers who are raising their own families. For in Joseph and Mary we have a true guide as to what constitutes a family. Here was a man who lived his Faith in total trust of God's Goodness, in providing an income for this most holy family and of instilling a strong Faith because the love for his Faith sprang from within.

Joseph truly is a man among men.