Saturday, December 29, 2007


Tomorrow is the anniversary of my mothers death. My mother died at 3PM exactly on New Years Eve 1994, she was only 56 years old, her birthday was on January 10th. I cannot convey in words the great loss we suffered except to say, Joy she IS, Joy she gave, a Joy to us always.

Please say a prayer for her. Thankyou.

O almighty and eternal God,

Lord of both the living and the dead,

Your tender mercy embraces all men

foreknown to be Yours by faith and a good life.

Through the intercession

of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary our Mother,

and of all the saints,

grant Your merciful pardon to all mothers for whom we pray,

whether they still are living in this world

or have departed from this flesh into the world to come.

Especially, dear Lord,

grant the requests I now make of You

or my own beloved mother.