Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mary and Joseph A Perfect Union

Mary and Joseph had a unique quality that meant they were made for each other. Both loved God and placed Him at the centre of their lives. This meant that their daily lives revolved around God and not their whims. They never questioned God's Good order but with simplicity of trust and confidence they obeyed it.

Mary accepted God's Will and with her Fiat she then co-operated with God in the Salvation of all men. Mary through the Mystery of Mysteries, became the Mother of God. For the Incarnation was not a creation of a new life, but the enclosure in human flesh of the Life that gives Life to all.

Joseph also had his own questions and upon receiving his answers he too from a filial love and devotion to Almighty God accepted his place at Mary's side. To be a good husband and a true father to, their son Jesus.

It is this aspect of complete 'oneness' that both Mary and Joseph shared that makes them unique and sublime; they took God at His Word with full knowledge that God would fulfill it in His time. But God also acknowledged Joseph's role in the upbringing of Jesus. It was Joseph who was the head of their household, but this did not negate Mary's role. It simply ennobled the family unit as God created it to be, with the man as head of the home and the wife as his helpmate and support.

This does not denigrate either couple, but simply compliments the exquisite differences that made this Holy Union so blessed. Their love did not revolve around themselves but was centred in doing the Will of the Father.

Through this Holy couple we can see how much God esteems the family unit. It is also through Mary and Joseph we glimpse how all marriages should reflect that displayed by this most devout union. For a couple that is totally committed to God are also totally committed to each other.

The union of Joseph and Mary is not only God's gift to them it is also God's Gift to each of us. We look to their example of placing God as the foundation of their union and from that springs eternal happiness.
Is God at the centre and core of your family?