Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mary and Joseph Living the Divine Will

In the lives of both Mary and Joseph we see two ordinary people who with their whole hearts, minds and soul allowed God to work within them and transform them both to reflect the Divine. These two holy souls became so incorporated into the Divine Presence that when we study them we see the reflection of God in their lives, their words and their actions.

It is the holy lives of this couple, Joseph and Mary that show us that we too are called to give our fiats to God in order for the indwelling Spirit to transform us into living reflections of the Divine. Through Mary and Joseph we learn what it is to live the Divine Will without needing an explanation, as if God had to explain Himself to His creatures.

Joseph and Mary also through their actions teach us what true humility is and also to trust in God's Wisdom, even if it seems bizarre to do so. How many of us would follow a dream if we were told by an angel to rise and leave? Would we not consider it 'just a dream' and fall back to sleep?

Through the life of Joseph, Mary and the young baby Jesus we see how it should be for all of us. How family life should be centred around God and their Faith and not a longing to gain 'things', for what profit is there if one gains a mansion only to lose his/her family?

The example provided by the Holy family is to simplify our lives and to enjoy our families, and first and foremost to place God and our Faith at the centre of our family unit. The lives of Joseph and Mary should not be out of the ordinary in that we should all be trying to emulate them within our own lives.

For both Joseph and Mary lived the Divine Will, even if they at times did not fully comprehend the Way's of God, still they simply Trusted in God's Goodness, because God is Good.

Through the first Christmas that we see how God dignifies the lowly and allowed the humble to see the face of God. Do we see the face of God in today’s society?