Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blog Bouqets to Episcopollyanna & Marilena/Shirley

This weeks blog bouquets go to Episcopollyanna & Divine Mercy.

There are some blogs which truly touch one's heart and stays with you long after. Lisa at Episcopollyanna is such a blog.

Lisa's blog is like a balm to the soul, this gentle lady reminds us to be thankful to God not for what He gives us but for who He is, Love itself. In this fevered world we see through Lisa's reflections that God does not want or need our busyness. God wants your heart.

This lovely lady's courage shines forth as she struggles with her health but never falls into despair. Her blog is an uplifting insight that God is with us through all our difficulties.

I hope you will all visit Lisa's lovely blog.


Marilena & Shirley through their blog endeavour to spread the Divine Mercy devotion to their readers. It is a message that the world truly needs to hear.

In these hedonistic days our senses are constantly assaulted with worldly cynicism & negativity. Our world needs light. It needs to know that here is hope for everyone.

We see this message of hope through the hard work of both Marilena and Shirley as they attempt to help us understand just how much God loves each soul.

These two blogs shine a light in a very dark world. I do encourage everyone to visit Episcopollyanna and Divine Mercy. These two blogs will touch your soul for the better as they have mine. Do visit them.

Peace & JOY to all three ladies.