Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Little Update

I have not been around blogland for awhile. Have been busy trying to get certain things done before I leave and I have caught a really awful flu which has triggered off other things. I have seen the new additions to our blogroll and I am yet to visit them and I have not visited the blogs that were there before for a while. When I am feeling better I will sit and enjoy reading your blogs. As I mentioned I’m going to be missing in action for a while. I’m leaving for Venezuela on the 17th of this month. Can’t say how long I’m going for because nothing is definite except for when I’m leaving. I’m so very excited to be spending Christmas with my family there. I have so much family there that I have not met all of them as yet. And when I say a lot I mean a lot, I have thirty something aunts and uncles I can count of the top of my head there and I’m sure I’m missing a couple. I’m going to be moving around a lot because they are scattered through out Venezuela and I’m going to spend a couple days in Brazil and the ABC’s – Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. I’m really going to be having a Christmas and a vacation to remember. I’m going to be posting as much as I can while I’m there and hope to put together a couple videos and I’ll be taking a lot of photos, packing both my digi cams and video recorder.

I do ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers. Venezuela has been making the news a lot lately and things can get volatile very quickly there.

Until tomorrow.

God Bless You All