Friday, December 14, 2007

Mary Beloved of God

Mary's part in the Salvation of man is of the utmost importance for each of us, for through Mary, we also learn to live the Divine Will with perfection, as did Mary. It was never God's intention to consign Mary to the history books as if she had no more to offer in and of herself.

Mary, was chosen by God to help bring Salvation to all men, through the birth of her son, our Lord Jesus Christ. The most singular feature in this is that God loved Mary for who she was and not for what she would give Him. This is why understanding Mary's unique place in the Salvation of man is integral, because it reveals the Love of our Heavenly Father to his children.

God is a delicate and sensitive Father who Loves us with a depth that the human mind will never be able to comprehend. How can so many disregard the role that Mary played in the Salvation of mankind, as if she were of little consequence?

It is Mary that teaches us true humility in that she drew no attention to herself but instead always points to her Son. Our Blessed Mother looked for no earthly titles in that God loved her for herself, what need would she have had for grand palaces or worldly titles?

Mary knew what was important in life and it was not in a gaining of things but in a giving of herself, an emptying of herself for love of all mankind. Through her Fiat, God became man with both Divine and human nature.

It is Mary who reveals the Awesome Love of God The Father who sent His Son to be the Savior of All.

Let us raise our voices in Praise for our Heavenly Father not for what He gives us but to love God for Himself alone.