Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Love The Word Impossible

I Love The Word Impossible

It's like joy after sorrow.

People being friends after being enemies

Rainbows after drenching rain.

A wound healed

Sunsets on quiet evenings after

Hot noisy days.

Paralyzed, injured limbs learning to grow

Strong and useful again.

Forgiveness after wrong

Truth after fog.

New love-made babies.

Birds learning to fly and own the sky

Bitterness turned to mellowness

Fresh, genuine hope .. once abandoned

People finding each other at right moments

In unexpected, obscure places ..

For God-ordained reasons.

I love the word impossible because my God believes

In adventure

And extraordinary mountains

And he dares to be alive in a world

Crawling with terrible situations

He promises to be bigger than any impossibility

Because He is love ..

And love always finds a way through, in time.