Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Gay Rosary?

As many know I often surf the net looking for pics for our blog. Yesterday while looking for another pic I came across one of our Blessed Mother. I clicked it expecting to see The Rosary, sadly it was another form of the 'rosary'.

I got my first clue with a picture of the Archangel Michael, he looked very effeminate. Then I read some of the content.

I did not know there was such a thing as a 'gay rosary' what truly saddened though was that this particular 'rosary' was blasephemous. They had taken out the usual Mysteries and instead made their own.

The first 'mystery' was the centurion who sought Christ to heal his servant. In this version the centurion is gay and his servant is his homosexual lover.

The second 'mystery' is the rich man. Yes! You guessed it he is also gay.

I could not bear to read anymore and so exited out. I do not know what the other 'mysteries' consisted of.

We are all sinners, and we all fail at times to live the Credo and the Commandments of God, but never should we try and reconcile our sin as something good.

The Rosary should never be changed just to suit a persons lifestyle. What would be next 'the adultery rosary'? The 'pornography rosary'? I could go on but you get my drift.

The Rosary as approved by the Church is a very powerful prayer tool, but when it is distorted such as the above it becomes a tool of the devil.

This is not an anti-homosexual post. It IS an anti-sin post.

We should never try and disguise our sins, instead we need to prayer the True Rosary. Seek out all the Sacraments of the Church, especially the Sacrament of Penance and allow God to restore that which has been broken through sin.

Jesus said 'go and sin no more.'

We need to take what Jesus said seriously and not try and disguise it with political correctness.

I hope we can pray for the misguided souls who 'pray the gay rosary' and hope that they will repent and come home to God who waits with open arms.

Will YOU join me in praying for them?