Monday, November 19, 2007

The Beauty That You Are

In the quiet of the night, I wait to hear you speak to me

On my knees I pray, for Your answers

And yet, I must be still & wait for You, to impress upon my heart Your desires of me.

In the quiet of the night I wait...

In the quiet of the church, I’ve come to be with You a while

On my knees I pray for Your guidance

On my knees I beg for your helping hand

And yet, I kneel so still & gaze at You, for all all the beauty that You are, to me

In the stillness of the church, I pray...

In the quiet of my heart, I think of all the things I’m sorry for

I know You’ll forgive me, again and again.

Still I weep for my failures to You

And yet, I must prepare, and come to you, to sail Your ocean of forgiveness, Your love

In the quiet of your presence, I pray... To You

In the quiet of my prayer - I thank You