Friday, November 9, 2007

Puzzle Pieces

Jagged... Smooth, straight, and curved
They never all seem to fit together
I look at the pieces
Then the picture on the box
And I wonder how it'll ever look so right

Life seems to be the same way
Only there's no perfect picture in which to compare
He gives me the pieces
The so-called problems of today
I try to make them fit
But it just won't work

The pieces all look so jumbled
I feel so lost and confused
What will I do next?
Where do I turn?

The pieces of my life are grouped accordingly...
God... Family... School... Work... Friends...
If I can make each section look good,
Then will I feel in control?
Will that control bring me happiness?

By trying to make the pieces work on my own,
I start feeling better about everything
The grouped pieces are placed where I want them
Where I think they'd look best.
As if I actually knew what was best for me.
But it won't work.
They don't fit.

Why is it that I want to plan my life, according to my plan?
Why is it so hard to leave it up to Him?
Why must I be so stubborn?

I once again repent and turn from my selfish ways
I lay it down at His feet
He takes my pieces and scatters them...
As far as the East is to the West.

"Father," I ask. "How will I ever be able to solve the puzzle now?"

"My child," He quietly whispers, "You may think your puzzle will never be solved, but I know what the picture would look like long ago. This is within My will that you would struggle."

"But why, Father?"

"My precious child," He says, as He places me in His lap. "If I never break your world apart, then how will you learn to depend on Me? How will you learn to trust in Me? How will your faith ever grow stronger?"

He lifts his arms and spreads it out in front of me. "Look at all that has happened... What if Noah hadn't had enough faith in Me to build the Ark ? You would not be."

"What if Joseph hadn't been sold into slavery? He wouldn't have been able to save the land from famine? What if David hadn't had enough faith to use a sling and three small stones? He would never have defeated Goliath."

As scene upon scene kept flashing before me, my Father kept showing me over and over how faithful He has been. No matter if we deserved it or not, He has provided.

So, as I look back on those so-called problems... the pieces in my life
I begin to realize that He is in control
I have to be patient in Him
And know that everything will fall into place, just like the picture on the 'box'

One day down the road of life, I'll look back on these trying times
I'll know that everything that happened, happened for a reason
I'll see that my Creator had each puzzle piece carefully placed in the palm of His nail-pierced hand
And I'll know that He who began a good work in me, has been faithful to complete it in me.