Sunday, November 11, 2007

Walking With Life

May the desires of your heart be pure.

Seeking not to obtain but to learn.

Soaring as the eagle above the trials and tribulations.

Bringing peace to all who cross your path.

Never allowing the dark clouds to prevail.

Letting the lands remain free and untamed..

Walk tall but softly keeping track of where you tread.

Remember your brothers and sisters with kindness.

Don't let mistrust lead your paths astray.

Waste not what you have been given to survive.

All creatures have a purpose and place.

Keep your arrows true and straight.

For unnecessary plight may come from the crooked.

Ask for nothing in return for giving.

Listen, watch and gather wisdom from the elders.

Their paths have been tried by the fire.

Don't believe because of prominence alone.

Be weary for the thief comes in the night.

Righteousness is the overcoming force.

Truth will always be your friend.