Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spanking Your Child-A Crime?

I will write this objectively in that I do not have children but what is going wrong with a society when Governments are prepared to raise your child for you?

Growing up I was never spanked by my parents. I was often beaten up by my teachers but not my parents.

My teachers often referred to me as a 'quiet rebel' in that I did not throw tantrums or was rude in anyway. But I was stubborn and would not do what I felt to be wrong. Neither could I be forced to do something I did not want to participate in.

Are we heading towards a time where children will be able to report on their parents because they were spanked? I mean spanked not beatings. No child should be beaten by anyone parent, or teacher.

What do YOU think about a law to stop parents spanking their child because of their misbehaviour?

What is next a government camera in your living rooms?

Personally I think it is crazy. Let me know your thoughts on this?