Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Who Are the REAL Yummy Mummies?

It seems strange to me that people such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna can traipse around the world adopting little children from various Nations. While good solid parents who live wholesome lives go on long waiting lists.

Amongst the Hollywood elite it has almost become a fashion accesory to have at least one adoptive orphan in their families. In some cases it is also because many actresses simply do not wish to lose out on movie roles or gain weight. So rather than have their own children they adopt, this way they get a child, minus the pounds around the waistline.

Yet are these 'yummy mummies' really so 'yummy'? It is a well known fact that Angelina Jolie has some serious personal issues. This is a woman who carried around a vial of one of her now ex-husbands blood. Angelina is also very open about being bi-sexual and seems now to be in the grips of an eating disorder. Yet we are told by certain media luminaries that Angelina is considered to be a great mother?

Who makes these decisions?

We have all witnessed Madonna's personal hatred of the Catholic Church and her constant need to blaspheme what all Catholics hold dear. Her own life is also one of extremes as she globe trots around the world and kisses other female singers on stage. Yet, she is also considered a 'Yummy Mummy'. Why?

Every child has the right to a stable home life, to enjoy a good education and to be loved by their parents. The parents are obligated to raise their children to be good and compassionate citizens. A child must have routine and a sense of security for their own well being. Yet why are so many middle class couples being denied the right to adopt?

What a child does not need is to have wealth thrown at them in replacement of love. They do not need to be dragged around the world because of their parents lifestyle.

In the end who makes the better parents, a good wholesome loving couple, who are actually married? Or the Hollywood neurotic glamour queens?

Who are the real Yummy Mummies, those who give their children a stable and secure life? Who go without luxuries so their children can have the essentials of life? Who stay up when their children are sick despite their own weariness?

Or those who have plenty of money, can hand their children over to Nanny's but seem to have no morals?

What do YOU think?