Thursday, November 8, 2007

Charity Where To Begin?

When we give to charities we expect that the majority of the money we have donated will actually go to the poor who need it. Yet in many cases this does not happen, most of your money goes towards administrative costs and to pay the wages of those who work within the charity.

I speak from experience having worked for a large Catholic Charity. Where I worked my way from the bottom to the top only to find much of the corruption was at the senior levels.

Once I realised that I could not change the structure I left this particular charity. I was also not the only one to feel disillusioned. In many cases no matter the name of the charity or who runs it you will find that only a minimum of your money actually reaches the poor.

What do we do then to help the poor?

Charity doesnt always mean a giving of money, if anything money is the easy option. A giving of your time is of more value than money.

In most countries there are nursing homes for the aged. Perhaps it is time to consider spending an hour or two a week visiting the aged in their hospital beds? Maybe you could organize a Rosary prayer group or any other form of prayer which can include singing, have you thought of this?

When you give to charity either monetarily or with your time. It is not about making you feel good it IS about making the person you visit feel special and unique.

If you belong to a prayer group or a bible study perhaps you could contribute a certain amount of money and buy good quality books for schools that do not get enough funding.

Don't always wait for the 'government' to do something. If you see a school that is in disrepair where noone cares, DO something about it yourself. Get your friends involved and your Parish if possible.

Many people are good and generous at heart and want to help in a beneficial way. If this is YOU then explore your community and see where you can help and then do it.

Remember our greatest Saints began their work in their own communities.

We cannot help everyone but that should never be an excuse to help noone.